Park Approved!

On March 26th the Loudoun County Planning Commission approved NoVA Parks and Loudoun Waters Plan for the Beaverdam Park. There was a large crowd and the meeting ran past 10pm. Concerns over boathouse location and county liability brought a good amount of discussion. Due to zoning, the boat house’s location is approx 600 feet from the water. A solution of dollies/carts was given and the commission approved the project with a vote of 8 to 1.

2 thoughts on “Park Approved!”

  1. I keep missing these meetings as I don’t know where the announcements are posted. Who is the POC on the boathouses, Loudoun Water or NoVa Parks? I’m guessing we are still looking at 2021 at the earliest?

    1. NoVA Parks is responsible for all recreational aspects of the park, so they are the POC for the boat houses.

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