Construction Starting – Impacts to Access.

Construction will be starting soon – Water access is closing on Oct 17, impacts to trail access:

Reservoir Park Construction Getting Underway!

After many years of community input, stakeholder feedback, careful planning and design, construction for Reservoir Park is finally underway! Reservoir Park will be situated on the southeast side of Beaverdam Reservoir. The park is being funded and constructed under a partnership between Loudoun Water, which owns and maintains the 300-acre reservoir as a source of drinking water for Loudoun County residents and NOVA Parks, a regional park authority in Northern Virginia.

The innovative park design includes an entrance road, parking lot, welcome center, restroom building, crew facility, boat rental facility, several pavilions, trails, waterfront boardwalks, a bridge, plantings, site utilities, educational exhibits, and various other site features — all designed with source water protection in mind.

With the project starting, there will be new rules for public access. Beginning October 1, reservoir water levels will be drawn down to facilitate construction.  To ensure the safety of park users, water access will be closed beginning on Monday, October 17.  Fishing, boating, paddling or other water activities will not be permitted. Once construction activities allow for the reservoir to refill naturally, and the water reaches a safe level, access will be re-opened sometime in third quarter of 2023. This timeline is based on various conditions and is not definitive.

During construction, NOVA Parks will continue to manage public access of the surrounding property. Trails near the southeast portion of the reservoir will be closed during construction. Restricted areas will be well-marked for visitor safety by Meridian Construction Co., Inc. 

At this stage, it is anticipated that substantial completion of Reservoir Park will be in the first quarter of 2024 and the park grand opening will take place in Spring/Summer 2024.

Park construction progress, announcements, and schedule updates will be posted on and

Together, Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks have developed Reservoir Park to promote the health and wellness of local citizens and visitors. Interpretive destinations will focus on their strong partnership, highlighting the connections between ecological health, human health, and recreation — as well as their mission to protect the national resources entrusted to their care.

If you are visiting to hike the 2.3-mile long Reservoir Trail, please park at Brambleton Community Park West (22389 Belmont Ridge Rd.) and access the trailhead as shown here. The community park trailhead has plenty of parking available. Please do not access trails or park in local neighborhoods. 

Quick Trail Update

This past fall and winter the trails had a lot of use and there was a lot of rain making for some very messy trails. The good news is the trails have dried up nicely and are in good shape. The entire trail is passable from the dam to Reservoir road and the trail markings have been updated. There are a good amount of ticks out, so be prepared.


A paddleboarder has been reported missing. Hopefully they are found safe. Please everyone be safe out on the water, always wear a PFD/Lifejacket for when the unexpected happens.

The paddle boarder has been found. A very unfortunate incident. Our thoughts are with the family.

Updated Opening Date:May 2020

Just in from our friends at Loudoun Water:

Beaverdam Reservoir Water Access to Re-Open

Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks are pleased to announce that recreational activities on Beaverdam Reservoir will be allowed in May 2020. Public access will be located at the Mount Hope Road entrance. The exact date will be determined soon. Once open, Beaverdam Reservoir is typically open from dawn to dusk daily. Hours can vary based on the season. Please note parking may be limited.

Beaverdam Reservoir is first and foremost a source of public drinking water. Loudoun Water has partnered with NOVA Parks to manage recreational activities and public access. To ensure users can safely enjoy the reservoir, refer to the NOVA Parks website for a full list of rules and regulations:

Meanwhile, Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks are moving forward with the sustainable, innovative design of the future “Beaverdam Reservoir Park.” Efforts on the new park are well-underway with construction estimated to begin in 2021.

Beaverdam Reservoir Timeline:

Spring of 2020 (exact date TBD): Reservoir Water Access re-opened to the public

Spring of 2021: Estimated to begin Beaverdam Reservoir Park construction

Spring of 2022: Estimated Beaverdam Reservoir Park construction completion

Still not open….

Looks like all hopes for water access in the summer of 2019 have been dashed. Even with lots of (short) rain storms, the water level is not rising enough for Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks to open things up. We will get an update in September.