Quick Trail Update

This past fall and winter the trails had a lot of use and there was a lot of rain making for some very messy trails. The good news is the trails have dried up nicely and are in good shape. The entire trail is passable from the dam to Reservoir road and the trail markings have been updated. There are a good amount of ticks out, so be prepared.

4 thoughts on “Quick Trail Update”

  1. I’m looking at the map for hiking and can’t find “River road” that’s mentioned above.
    I’ve parked at Mt. Hope before and hiked north to the dam and south to the ball fields. Can you hike all the way around the reservoir?

    1. Hi Kerri, that was a typo, should have read Reservoir road, it has been fixed. Alltrails has a decent map here: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/virginia/beaver-dam-reservoir-trail

      Check out the dashed lines, that indicates the trail on the other side of the reservoir which goes to Reservoir Rd.

      Can you hike all the way around? Technically you can get all the way around the reservoir without too much trouble but the the northwest quadrant isn’t really much of a hike. It is a rocky dirt road that takes you from Reservoir road to behind the dam where the hiking trail begins/ends.

      Executive summary is there is a very well maintained trail around half the reservoir, a very forested 1/4 trail to Reservoir Rd and then a dirt road.

      I’ll be posting a map and GPS track soon.


      1. Dan – thank you! A friend and I hiked all the way around. The trail markings are GREAT! Thank you to whoever added all the sign posts, blazes and markers (including the painted shepherd’s crooks)! We never would have found the trail in a few places without the markers.
        You are right that the NW quadrant is just a walk under the power lines – but it was nice to make a full loop.
        Happy Summer!

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