Loudoun Water publishes press release: Intends to eventually re-open Beaverdam Reservoir

Screenshot-FINAL 2014 09 09 Beaverdam Press Release.pdf

FINAL 2014 09 09 Beaverdam Press Release

Not exactly new news, Loudoun Water has stated it intended to re-open Beaverdam Creek Reservoir in writing before, but this is their strongest statement yet.

“Ultimately, we want the reservoir to be safely enjoyed by all. Guided by our overall planning process, we will balance our primary responsibility to protect and maintain the reservoir as a long-term drinking water resource with the community’s desire to enjoy the scenic and tranquil surroundings that Beaverdam provides,” said Jennings.

This is good news. All the letter writing, sessions with the Loudoun Water and the Loudoun Board of Supervisors are paying off. A partnership with NVRPA (now renamed NOVA Parks) would be the cherry on top.