Friends of The Reservoir

The Nice List

Who Position Notables
Janet Clarke Supervisor Loudoun BOS Setting up direct meetings with LW to assure public access at BCDR
Shawn Williams Vice Chairman Loudoun BOS Forefront of putting pressure on LW
Brian Knapp Chairman NVRPA Eager to accept all issues related to public access from LW
Ken Reid Leesburg Loudoun BOS Requested LW take a sensible weekend only public access approach
Paul Bugas Aquatics Manager DGIF Excellent letter outlining examples of area dam upgrades with public access
John Odenkirk DGIF Aquatic Biologist Applying constant pressure on LW to keep the facility open
Brent Clarke Former DGIF Chairman Standing up to LW at the June 30 meeting "This is not rocket science"

The Naughty List

Who Position Misdeeds
Fred Jennings Former GM Loudoun Water After stating access would remain he rescinded his Feb 6 statement on April 22 and closed the reservoir. Unwilling to work on a shared access plan until post construction. Empolyment at LW was terminated in early 2015.

2 thoughts on “Friends of The Reservoir”

  1. Do we know of any plans to build a rowing boathouse for the high school crews similar to the Sandy Run Rowing Facility (on the Occoquan) in Fairfax Station?

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