Is the Reservoir open yet???

Beaverdam is not yet open for water access. The natural filling process is underway. Loudoun water does not yet have a date for when recreational access to the water will be restored. They are expecting to get a date within the next month. I will post the date as soon as I get it.

9 thoughts on “Is the Reservoir open yet???”

    1. Unfortunately no dates. The only response I have gotten is that the water is rising, but it is not near a level where water access can be granted.

  1. Do we have information yet about boathouses? I’m interested to know if actual enclosed boathouses will be constructed to keep the rowing shells out of the environment.

    1. I reached out to NOVA Parks and Loudoun Water last week and the response I got said the level is rising but it is not close enough to for water access.

  2. 7/14/2019 Trail update: the last time I hiked the trail was Dec 25, 2018 and it was basically impossible to navigate. On July 14, 2019 I hiked the trail and was pleasantly surprised to see an actual trailhead marker near the National Parks & Rec headquarters. The first mile to Mt. Pope road was fairly well maintained. This is a very “hikable” and even “runnable” stretch. The section north of Mt. Pope road is not well maintained as the weeds have overtaken the narrow path. You can still follow the trail but its not an enjoyable hike as you’re constantly brushing against overgrowth (an open invitation for ticks).

    Now if they could just make the entire path 6 feet wider! Also, I see zero development activity for the actual park – expect more delays.

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