One Month Update

It has been a little over a month since the reservoir opened up. Traffic has been rather heavy, especially on the weekends. If you were used to a quiet place with only a person or two here and there, be prepared for a surprise. On Saturday or Sunday, expect the parking lot to be full after 10am. I’ve also had some discussions with NVRPA regarding parking. Parking is not allowed on the grass on either side of Mt. Hope. Since Mt. Hope is a state road, you may be able to park on the side of it if things get bad. The grass beyond the road on either side of Mt. Hope belongs to the church.

Making the issue worse at times is a lack of judgement from some folks when selecting a parking spot or two.

We’ve had lots and lots of rain in the last month and Loudoun Water has also been pumping in water from the goose. The water level is also back to its usual level, within 1 foot of the top of the concrete.