Updated Opening Date:May 2020

Just in from our friends at Loudoun Water:

Beaverdam Reservoir Water Access to Re-Open

Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks are pleased to announce that recreational activities on Beaverdam Reservoir will be allowed in May 2020. Public access will be located at the Mount Hope Road entrance. The exact date will be determined soon. Once open, Beaverdam Reservoir is typically open from dawn to dusk daily. Hours can vary based on the season. Please note parking may be limited.

Beaverdam Reservoir is first and foremost a source of public drinking water. Loudoun Water has partnered with NOVA Parks to manage recreational activities and public access. To ensure users can safely enjoy the reservoir, refer to the NOVA Parks website for a full list of rules and regulations: https://www.novaparks.com/parks/beaverdam-reservoir/about.

Meanwhile, Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks are moving forward with the sustainable, innovative design of the future “Beaverdam Reservoir Park.” Efforts on the new park are well-underway with construction estimated to begin in 2021.

Beaverdam Reservoir Timeline:

Spring of 2020 (exact date TBD): Reservoir Water Access re-opened to the public

Spring of 2021: Estimated to begin Beaverdam Reservoir Park construction

Spring of 2022: Estimated Beaverdam Reservoir Park construction completion

3 thoughts on “Updated Opening Date:May 2020”

  1. Park open by 2022…we’ve heard this before. Loudoun Co. is very good at promising and horrible at delivering. We…as Loudoun…citizens get totally hosed in the parks and rec department. Our tax dollars are horribly mismanaged. Many communities have far more with a fraction of our tax revenue.

  2. Is the reservoir up yet? It is May and it is at full pool. Can kayaks be launched from the shoreline? Are there any fees for use? I heard OWL was going to manage and charge a use fee. Their link is not working. Please update us.

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