Beaverdam Open House 12/14/16



Slide Show Presentation from the Meeting from Loudoun Water

Loudoun Water and Nova Parks held the second Beaverdam Open House Wednesday December 14th. There was a good crowd though not as big as the first session. The purpose of this meeting was to show the plan that was developed based on our input. I have attached an audio recording of the session above.

The highlight of phase 1 (of 3 planned) is a large 200 car parking area, eco-learning features, and facilities for the rowing team. Welcome news is the plan to develop a mixed use trail all the way around the reservoir for a total length of 8 miles. The car top launch sites (Mt. Hope and Reservoir Rd) will remain as they are now with no planned improvements for Phase 1. While the walk from the parking area to water looks pretty far, this will be an option if parking at Mt. Hope is completely filled.

This is a nice step towards making the area a destination beyond simple paddle sports. There does seem to be a strong emphasis on rowing in Phase 1, but the takeaway is this is going to be a facility for all to enjoy and part of a larger network of parks and water access in Loudoun.

6 thoughts on “Beaverdam Open House 12/14/16”

  1. I wish I could have made the meeting. Two questions: (1) what will be the total distance for the “reservoir trails” and (2) will there be an actual boathouse for the HS Crew programs equipment (to store boats, oars, etc.)?

    1. The trails will be approx 7 miles. There are plans for a rowing boathouse, but they have not been finalized.

  2. Question on the trails, will they cross the reservoir some how? On the picture plan I can see some type of cross access from one side to the other is that a bridge? And last are the trail plan to be used by bike a mountain bike trail?

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