A great first weekend!

Heading towards the south end of the reservoir, near the golf course.
Heading towards the south end of the reservoir, near the golf course.

Beaverdam’s grand re-opening weekend was a great success. While there was no ribbon cutting event or any other official gathering, there was great weather and a great turnout. With highs in the low 90’s turnout was great. I arrived at just after 6AM on Saturday and there was already a handful of cars in the lot and plenty of fishermen on the banks. According to one of the NOVA parks employees, Joey, there was approximately 100 people there on day one. Certainly a nice showing of folks. Parking was tight at times but the water was nice and open.

Access to the water is good, there are large rocks that are very easy to launch from, however these won’t be available as the water level rises. Hopefully NOVA Parks has something planned. Also there was a lot of glass, wearing water shoes is a requirement. I picked up a couple of handfuls myself and encourage others to pick up as much as they can.

Unfortunately the word about staying away from the dam didn’t get to everyone. I saw several people there including some taking selfies. As hard as we worked to re-open the reservoir, it is tough to watch these fools out there so soon.

If you haven’t already been out, grab a kayak, canoe, paddle board or some hiking shoes, NOVA parks has done an excellent job getting the place ready for enjoyment. Admission was free and I believe will be free for the next couple of weeks.

11 thoughts on “A great first weekend!”

    1. Lee, I hope that didn’t stop you. Fishing is definitely allowed as long as it is not around the dam. There were dozens of fishermen out there.

  1. well since I don’t want to be put in jail for being in violation of one of Loudoun County’s many many many rules, I did not go fishing.
    it would be nice do not have to get referred six times to find just another person who doesn’t know whether or not I’m allowed to fish there.
    does anybody have an official telephone number where there’s a person with a spine who can answer a simple question?
    Do fishermen have the County’s official blessing to fish in the Big Beaver Dam reservoir?
    Yes or no?

    1. Fishing Rules

      Check the above sign. The area is run by NVRPA (NOVA Parks) so Loudoun won’t have any information on it. If that sign doesn’t do it for you, reach out to Chris Pauley at NVRPA (google his name and NVRPA and you will find his contact info).

  2. that is not the sign we see on the Evergreen Mill Road side. at the end of Reservoir Road…

    1. Lee, the only “approved” access area for the temporary opening is Mt. Hope. I presume they didn’t take the older signs down at Reservoir Rd. for that reason. Call Chris and see what he says.

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