Commercial Businesses at the Reservoir

It seems that a few entrepreneurs have started using the reservoir for their gain. What is more troubling is that they are not paying launch fees like the rest of us. Worst of all they are filling up the parking lot and displacing paying users.

One paddle boarding (SUP) outfit will take you out for a short session on the water for $40. They don’t ask their users to pay the launch fee and they certainly don’t pay for ever vessel they own. In fact they have been parking their trailer right in front of the launch fee sign. I’d question any business that follows such shady practices. What else are they skimping on?

That said, NVRPA requires written permission for any commercial activity at any of their facilities. Currently there are no approved vendors at Beaverdam and NVRPA does not foresee any during the temporary opening. There is a communication issue about this policy and the lot attendants that is being addressed. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

I do think there is a time and place for these types of activities, however they should get written approval, pay the appropriate fees, and limit their traffic to off peak times or use alternate launch points.

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  1. If your concerned with the launch fee, I have talked with most of these businesses and know for a fact that they are giving NVRPA a percentage of their profits from whatever they make at beaverdam. Which would be far more profitable to NVRPA then them just paying launch fee every time or getting the annual passes that they have. I don’t see a problem with them using the reservoir because they help bring new people to the reservoir and help them enjoy it. Also, their schedules are set up to come when there is the least amount of people at beaverdam on average so that they don’t take up too much parking/ take it away from other people that want to enjoy it.

    1. You know for a fact? How so? Some quotes directly from the director of park operations:

      “NOVA Parks has no relationships or agreements with any commercial businesses (at Beaverdam)”

      “(We) have seen are some private companies using the facilities without NOVA Parks permission to conduct classes.”

      “Our management policy concerning private businesses operating within our parks (or properties we manage) that is consistently implemented across our entire system is that private businesses may only conduct activities with the written permission of NOVA Parks. This permission if granted is handled through a permit issued to a particular business or person or a written contract/agreement with NOVA Parks. This permit or contract process could also include a formal RFP (Request for Proposals) process as well to select an appropriate vendor or business.”

      So in a nutshell, unless there is a written agreement, they are not allowed to operate.

      Can you please provide a copy of the written agreement from just one, not the “most of these businesses” in question?

      And by chance would you happen to run such a business?

      1. I know because I actually speak with the people that run their businesses here and get to know them rather than just making assumptions about their character. But everything is all settled now. They may now officially use Beaver Dam.

        1. Who is making assumptions about character? I’m presenting the facts from the Director of Park Operations. I can cite the rules directly from the NVRPA handbook as well if you need to see them, which specifically says no commercial business at any facility without written approval, as well as no display of commercial business ads/banners.

          So the readers of this site are to assume that all is settled because some guy that can’t even provide a name or real email address says so? I’m sorry, many of us fought very hard to re-open the reservoir, spending countless days working directly with county officials and Loudoun Water. We will not stand by and watch someone breaking the rules to earn a few bucks, meanwhile displacing honest paying users who have to turn around and go home because there is nowhere to park.

  2. Shady.

    “I have talked with most of these businesses and know for a fact that they are giving NVRPA a percentage of their profits from whatever they make at beaverdam.”

    Can they legally share profits? My understanding is that Beaverdam Reservoir is for only and only for recreational purpose and not for commercial purpose at all at this very time.

  3. Just a friendly note to fellow fisherman, boaters, and other park visitors of the reservoir.

    How dare are you leave behind litter like empty glass and plastic bottles, soda and beer cans, used plastic lures and fishing line on the bank and in the water?

    Are you not going to keep coming back to this place again and again?
    Are you assuming that the park staff is meant to pick up after you because they collect reservoir usage fees?
    What else makes you leave your garbage behind?!

    Dear Administration,
    Apparently there is an ongoing issue that park users feel to much relaxed about not taking back with them their used items and simply throw it away in the water or leave on it the spot.

    Please raise this issue and possibly post warning signs along the park access point about users responsibility for picking up their trash.

    I assume there are state-wide fines that can be imposed on people who leave litter in the parks. I little reminder for general awareness should help.

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