Reservoir Opening Early!

Temporary_Re-Opening Flyer

We met with Loudoun Water and NoVA parks at the reservoir today to view the progress and to discuss opening details. The great news is the reservoir is opening a few days early, this Saturday!

Please park in designated areas on Mt. Hope Rd. Do not park on the church side. Please stay away from the actual dam and spillway! Rules will be similar to other NVRPA (NoVA Parks) areas that allow car-top carry boats. There is no boat ramp or dock, as such, no trailers allowed. More details to follow.

12 thoughts on “Reservoir Opening Early!”

  1. What is the condition of the trails? Is it going to need bushwacking? Are there spots to fish along the banks other than where you park?

    1. The trails have been “improved” but additional work is required. They appear to be walkable. There are places to fish on the banks but they are less than ideal, my understanding is the best fishing is from a boat. You might want to check out the pacemaker fishing forum for a better recommendation.

      1. Regarding the trails, just be cautious because they are full of ticks. A few years ago, my family hiked all along the trails and came back completely covered in ticks. we all (including the dog) had to go get a series of antibiotic shots to be on the safe side. I ended up with the bulls eye rash so I knew I was infected. just be careful :-).

        1. There are entrances to the trails from the Mt. Hope parking lot about 50-100 yards up from the water on either side of the parking lot.

    1. Ray, it would be nice to have trailers but the parking situation just doesn’t allow for it right now. As tight as things are, even a good driver would have a tough time in that lot just turning around. I will definitely relay the concern for the long term plans with NOVA Parks. They are in the process of acquiring additional land around the area, so I don’t think it is out of the question.

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