Official Closing Date Announced – Nov 1, 2016

Enjoy the reservoir all you can this summer, in November it will be shut down for scheduled repairs. I just recieved notification from Chris Pauley, director of park operations at NOVA Parks.

Loudoun Water is on schedule with their planning and preparations for the required repairs needed at Beaverdam Reservoir. Loudoun Water will close and begin drawing down the reservoir on November 1st, 2016. The reservoir will remain closed to public access in 2017 and 2018 with the permanent reopening in 2019.

While two years is a long time to not use the reservoir, there are other great alternatives in the area such as Algonkian and the Occoquan. We’re looking forward to the improvements and the permanent opening in 2019!

5 thoughts on “Official Closing Date Announced – Nov 1, 2016”

  1. How is this closing any better than the one announce two years ago? As I recall, the reservoir was going to be closed for two years then, which would mean access starting this year.
    Is there no way LoCo can work around the recreational activities, or at least accelerate the work?

    1. I share you frustration about the closure. Two years is a long time, but its far shorter than the permanent closure that was initially considered. The issue with working around activities is that of communication and coordination, and unfortunately is not something there appears to be a lot of flexibility on. That said, Algonkian is very close by and a great alternative.

    1. Yes, I just received an update from Loudoun Water yesterday. Water access will be closed starting Nov 1, trail access will still be permitted.

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