Reservoir Re-opening on track for June 1.

Just a quick update, I have heard from our friends at Loudoun Water and NVRPA, all systems are go for opening on June 1. Public access will be at the Mt. Hope site. We are meeting with them next week to get the final details. If you have specific questions, please comment below and I will try to get your questions answered.

11 thoughts on “Reservoir Re-opening on track for June 1.”

  1. What’s the best way to access the docks seen in this picture? Are there other docks private or public?

    1. Jason, Mt Hope Road is where the public access dock will be as far as I know. The rowers will use another location. I will get more details next Tuesday the 26th when I meet with Loudoun Water and NVRPA.

  2. Would you know what time they are planning to open the gate at the Mt. hope site on June 1st? thanks, Kevin Shires

  3. at last look there is no dock; the briar woods floating dock has been removed for new location. There are several large boulders that can be used to launch from;

  4. Can you post a street address or GPS coordinates for where launching will be allowed?

    Thanks for all your work on educating and reporting about the resivior.

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