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June 4 Board of Supervisors Meeting update

Just a quick executive summary on the board meeting last night.

Fred Jennings made a presentation at 4:15PM

  • No Public access
  • No dates for construction start or end
  • No RFPs submitted
  • No stakeholder involvement
  • Loudoun Rowing club will continue to have access at least until the end of 2014
  • Hidden dangers abound as well as possible algaecide use make it too dangerous for public access

We had a large turnout for the public comment session.  Fred Jennings left, however Mark Peterson, LW director of stakeholder communications was there to listen to our comments.  Supervisor Williams and Reid pressed hard for access.  Supervisor Clarke didn’t mention a word about it even though it sits in her district!  You can view the video footage here:

Youtube Fred Jennings Presentation

Youtube Public Comment Session

Loudoun Board of Superviors Meeting archive

Williams has asked us to give Loudoun Water a chance to respond otherwise he will continue to apply pressure, he is truly our ally here.  The best thing we can do right now is to get more signatures to the petition and continue to raise awareness.  We are making excellent headway!

Please work to get our petition numbers up, click here to add your name to the list!

Flashback from the past – Fairfax Sign on Mt. Hope Rd.

During its fifty year ownership, the City of Fairfax did not manage the Beaverdam or Goose Creek Reservoirs as a recreational asset however they also did not actively restrict public access.

The above quote from Loudoun Water’s BCDR FAQ would have you believe that the city of Fairfax was turning a blind eye to reservoir access.    Funny how their sign says “Open for public use.”


Loudoun Water Posts FAQ section for Beaverdam Closure

Beaverdam Creek Reservoir FAQs

I’m going to reserve a bit of judgement on the FAQs until we actually meet with them later this week, but the one that just rubs me the wrong way is this:

Does Loudoun Water receive taxpayer funding from Loudoun County government or the Commonwealth of Virginia?

No, it does not receive direct taxpayer funding.  But it was built in 1959  using taxpayer funding and would not function in any shape or form without funding directly from Loudoun and only Loudoun residents.  They would like to have you think they are an independent corporation, but they are not.  Board leadership is directly appointed by the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.  Loudoun BOS has ultimate control of what they do, just like the school system.

Just a good example of how they are trying to make you think they can do what they want.

LW-CIP Committe Meeting Notes from 3/26/14

Some interesting notes from a CIP committee meeting in March. Executive summary:

  • LW’s goal is to manage water assetts
  • LW will consider sharing access at a later date
  • Mr. Rocca recommends closing down all access
  • Staff (Peterson?) recommends access to Rowing association
  • Items will be forwarded to April 10 meeting for a vote
Mark Peterson's recommendation for closing access
Mark Peterson’s recommendation for closing access

PDF – Summary – CIP Committee Meeting – March 26 2014