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Flashback from the past – Fairfax Sign on Mt. Hope Rd.

During its fifty year ownership, the City of Fairfax did not manage the Beaverdam or Goose Creek Reservoirs as a recreational asset however they also did not actively restrict public access.

The above quote from Loudoun Water’s BCDR FAQ would have you believe that the city of Fairfax was turning a blind eye to reservoir access.    Funny how their sign says “Open for public use.”


Loudoun Water Posts FAQ section for Beaverdam Closure

Beaverdam Creek Reservoir FAQs

I’m going to reserve a bit of judgement on the FAQs until we actually meet with them later this week, but the one that just rubs me the wrong way is this:

Does Loudoun Water receive taxpayer funding from Loudoun County government or the Commonwealth of Virginia?

No, it does not receive direct taxpayer funding.  But it was built in 1959  using taxpayer funding and would not function in any shape or form without funding directly from Loudoun and only Loudoun residents.  They would like to have you think they are an independent corporation, but they are not.  Board leadership is directly appointed by the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.  Loudoun BOS has ultimate control of what they do, just like the school system.

Just a good example of how they are trying to make you think they can do what they want.

LW-CIP Committe Meeting Notes from 3/26/14

Some interesting notes from a CIP committee meeting in March. Executive summary:

  • LW’s goal is to manage water assetts
  • LW will consider sharing access at a later date
  • Mr. Rocca recommends closing down all access
  • Staff (Peterson?) recommends access to Rowing association
  • Items will be forwarded to April 10 meeting for a vote
Mark Peterson's recommendation for closing access
Mark Peterson’s recommendation for closing access

PDF – Summary – CIP Committee Meeting – March 26 2014

Loudoun Water

Today was a sad day for friends of the reservoir, all hopes for open access were dashed. Loudoun Water held their first board of directors meeting since the April 22 announcement.  Three individuals approached the board with comments about the reservoir closure.  After the comments session closed, Chairman Rocca filled the group in on the closure.

According to Mr. Rocca, Loudoun Water has already spent 30 million to acquire the property and is going to be spending another 15 million over the next five years for upgrades to the reservoir.  During the upgrade process, the reservoir will be completely drained. Mr. Rocca also stated that he personally ordered the reservoir closed.  The five year figure is up from the four quoted in the April 22 article.

Board member Hobie Mitchel asked if the reservoir was completely closed to the public.  Mr. Rocca responded that it was and signs had been posted.

Liability was cited as reason several times as to why the public was not able to use the facility.  Mr. Rocca mentioned that LW did not enjoy sovereign immunity and that council had told him that access needed to be closed.

The only glimmer of hope that Mr. Rocca left was that he was willing to entertain organizations requesting access on a case by case basis.