Reservoir to Re-open June 1 2015!

We did it! Thanks to all the hard work of all those involved and everyone that signed the petition, the reservoir will be re-opened this summer!

This is a temporary opening, but it means we get to use the reservoir and it means that Loudoun Water and the Loudoun BOS heard us!

6 thoughts on “Reservoir to Re-open June 1 2015!”

  1. Does anyone know how slowly (or fast) the reservoir was drained? If slowly over a period of days or weeks then I will be optimistic about the fishing.

    1. Ray, it was over a week or so. They also left as much water as they could to preserve the fish there. I believe DGIF was supposed to do some shock tests, but you may want to check out the pacemaker fishing forum for more details.

  2. Wow !!!!! Thats such a shame. Was a great fishing spot. Hard to believe one of the richest counties couldnt of done a better job of preserving the fishery. Idiots

  3. Does anyone know if there has been or will be any talk of allowing electric motor powered watercraft on the reservoir? For example, a jon boat with a trolling motor.

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