One thought on “Editorial from Ashburn Today 6/19/14”

  1. This is why more land and water ways should be reserved as regional, state and national parks. It’s strange that we, so anglers, are very straight forward in who we are and what we want. We are customers of Loudoun water. We have been using this facility as long as we had the freedom to do so. And we are now,victims of discrimination, from the Company we are customers of. Suddenly it seems that only crew groups have a right to, “exercise there freedom”, to use the facility that was once equitably shared.
    Management, or alleged lack there of, from other owners have nothing to do with the choice to presently discriminate . I haven’t been out to the resorvoir since its been closed to the public, but in my mind, I can almost picture a sign posted at the boat launch that compares to “whites only”. Maybe my next water bill will read, “do not pay this bill – it is for Crew Team parents to pay only…….I’m sure crew teams parents may feel a bit victimized. It’s kinda funny that so called “Wise men and women leaders”, didn’t realize how that sounds…..Hmmm

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